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Every DnD fan out there knows exactly what this is. Now the almighty D20 can be supersized and brought into your home either as subtle nerd decor or your reserve die used only when the battle is truly epic. Click through for the tutorial on how to make one of these for yourself out of nothing more than cardboard and spraypaint!




Grey t-shirt.
Red, blue, black Tulip brand soft fabric paint.
Foam brushes.
Freezer paper.
Exacto knife.
Iron (without water)
Printed images sized to preference.
Fine tipped paint brush.

Optional supplies:
E6000 glue
Craft gems


1) Using marker, trace designs onto freezer paper (rough side. Make sure the shiny side is facing down)

2) Carefully cut out design with Exacto knife, making sure to save the little pieces for the middle of letters etc.

3) Iron (medium high setting depending on iron) stencil shiny side down. Carefully iron the little pieces for the middle of letters etc.

4) Make sure cardboard is inside shirt to prevent paint from bleeding onto the back of shirt. Using foam brushes, carefully dab paint int appropriate areas. Red for the star, blue for the wings, and black for the letters. Make sure not to overlap colors into the wrong shapes.

5) Once paint is mostly dry (not all the way dry) carefully remove freezer paper from shirt (it will peel up like sticker paper). Use the tip of the Exacto knife to carefully remove the little inside bits.

6) Look and touch up any spots that may need more paint with fine tipped brush and let dry completely.

7) Optional: using stong glue (E6000) adhere craft gems to desired spots.

(NOTE: feel free to message me if you have any questions! I am happy to help!!!)

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